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The Back Bay skyline from my window, after the sun has set.

She doesn’t like this picture, but I think she’s nuts ; )

Boston is just that much better when the Montrealers invade…

Came across yet another Sweet location – apparently the recession doesn’t affect the cupcake business… maybe people drown their sorrows in them?! That’s my guess.

Got these guys last week = Shoesssss for New Year’s – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! hmmm…

The gorgeous multimillion dollar townhouses on Cumston street near my apartment tease me every time. But I’m glad the trees are finally changing colours – for a while I thought the leaves were just gonna die and fall.

Please indulge my next few “tourist” pictures but what unusual fall weather for Boston! It has been absolutely beautiful these past few days! No more questioning as to why fall is my favourite season…

Halloween remnants in my neighbourhood – As a girl who comes from the suburbs, I always wondered how kids in the city trick-or-treated. In the South End, it seems people will sit in front of their brownstone with treats for the kids :)

this will be part of a photo-story for Monday – an artist and her dog Sadie open their studio to the public for First Fridays on Harrison Ave. yesterday.

My daily bike commute to and from school – now hoping to squeeze as much out of my bike as possible, but it’s starting to get a wee bit cold out!