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People went gaga over Lady Gaga today at Harvard for the launch of her anti-bullying foundation, Born This Way. Was there to film but was able to squeeze in some shots of my own of the pop diva. Oh and Oprah and Deepak Chopra were also attending the launch, but not much visible hoopla over that. Was roughed around by many larger, usually male, photographers, but hey I like my more artsy lookin’ photos – paparazzi pictures are so generic anyway ;) And also, although Gaga’s hat was sort of reminiscent of something out of a funeral, I can’t say that I hate it…

Someone’s gonna have to explain to me what is happening here in Cambridge. Even after reading some of the post-its I couldn’t really figure it out… I need enlightenment.

More tilt-shift play… different subjects. I love the lenses for certain things, but for some it’s not the best. Going to take them out again this week for some more playing – Essdras Suarez from the Boston Globe overheard me talking about them and recommended I try a Lensbaby instead… too bad BU doesn’t have any :(

Ever wondered what your city would look like in tiny? Then here is what thousands of dollars will get you: a tilt-shift lens! it’s definitely fun to shoot with but maybe a bit gimmicky, and definitely not sure whether I’d be willing to shell out that much cash (actually, pretty sure I wouldn’t). Most of these were taken from the 50th floor of the Prudential Center in the Back Bay. Let me know what you think! More to come!

Where’s the snow you might ask? Welcome to a Boston winter. Rowes Wharf, Bay Village, and Beacon Hill.

More walking, the weather is so unreal we want to grab every second of it. Brought Oli to Fort Point, a bite at Sportello – neither of us had been before – and walked all the way back to the South End… sore feet and a few hours later we were home but glad that we got a lot of fresh air

Oli and I walked around today, no real purpose in mind. Popped in to places here and there, took advantage of the gorgeous weather. I might have brought him to Kate Spade… to show him what I want for my birthday. True, my birthday is only in two months – what can I say, I like to get a head start… nothing wrong with that!

The guitar ER – spent the afternoon with a bunch of quirky musicians who repair all kinds of guitars and musical whatnots across from the Berklee College on Music. T’was a fun time, but lots of photo and video editing work ahead of me! By the way, that paper plate you see tacked to the wall is “the grease wheel” – just a way to choose what greasy food to eat. And the suspecting character in the photo ID is the owner, Tony DiNitto.

The boys came to town –

Roses are red, violets are blue … check out the Valentine’s day swag in Beacon Hill