People went gaga over Lady Gaga today at Harvard for the launch of her anti-bullying foundation, Born This Way. Was there to film but was able to squeeze in some shots of my own of the pop diva. Oh and Oprah and Deepak Chopra were also attending the launch, but not much visible hoopla over that. Was roughed around by many larger, usually male, photographers, but hey I like my more artsy lookin’ photos – paparazzi pictures are so generic anyway ;) And also, although Gaga’s hat was sort of reminiscent of something out of a funeral, I can’t say that I hate it…


This guy here had Born This Way tattooed on his arm – and he wanted to send Lady Gaga a message of thanks for helping him accept himself for who he truly is. The tattoo itself was actually made from an imprint of her signature he had gotten at a concert.

All photographs are copyrighted Sarah Mongeau-Birkett – unless otherwise stated.

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