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Tunisian street artist eL Seed was at Harvard on Monday for a live demonstration of “calligraffiti”. Coincidentally, he is now living in Montreal (although he grew up in Paris, he told me, he considers himself Tunisian). His latest work relates to political change in the Arab world, and is truly beautiful.

Vegetarians, BEWARE! COCHON 555 2012 makes a stop at the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Boylston – Pork belly, bacon, cheese, wine, you name it… anything that might make you feel guilty, it’s there! And in enormous quantities. C’mon, pig out!

Happy St-Patrick’s Day! Sorry bout the short hiatus, was back in Montreal with the sole goal of sleeping. And it of course passed way too fast… back to work for now! Would have been nice to see the parade, but my flight got in too late. Went to the Boston Public Library instead, since the weather was out of this world. I love the courtyard so much.

From last week, after the shoot for LeveLup, went across to Voltage Coffee & Art to decompress a bit and treat myself to a well-deserved coffee. It’s right off Kendall Sq. in Cambridge, and is really nice. Funny coincidence, they were setting up for a one-night photojournalism exhibit, which I would have really loved to attend (google NURU Project) if it wasn’t for my mountain of work to be done.

Housing day is a really great tradition at Harvard that makes me want to redo my Bachelor’s degree! Basically, the freshmen live in dorms for their first year, and then get assigned to a certain “House” for the next three years. Housing day is when they find out where they are getting placed. The current residents of the Houses get dressed up, yell at the different houses and generally make a lot of noise at a time much too early to be necessary – then they run from dorm to dorm handing out letters to the students, telling them where they’ll be living for the next 3 years. Kind of crazy but it was cool to watch and was great for video. Certainly shows a different side of Harvard…

Horrendously crazy day today, I must be a lunatic to put myself through this. Woke up early to go shoot b-roll of voters etc for Super Tuesday aka primary elections for many states including Mass., went to class at 9, went back out to shoot some more at class’s end, then off to shoot portraits of a beer buyer at South End Formaggio, and finally to the Copley Westin for the Romney Headquarters Watch Party. All the while continuously filing photos away for the BU News Service’s Campaign 2012 live stream. I am EXHAUSTED and need to be fed!

Last week, Oli and I went for a goodbye brunch at Gaslight Brasserie du Coin – we love this place for its yummy French bistro style food, and I think it’s the first restaurant we went to together in Boston (3 years ago?) Anyway, they have this great prix fixe brunch on Sats and Suns for 9$ which is totally unbeatable! For that, you get fresh juice, coffee/tea, main dish (I had omelette Lyonaise), and “Julia Child’s raspberry shortbread”. Don’t even know if I could make all this at home for so little… just sayin’… best find in a long time!

Shot stills of a commercial in the making for LeveLUp at Abigail’s in Cambridge. First time doing set photography, fun stuff but patience is definitely of the essence – it’s very entertaining to see the same scene over and over and over and over

Let me take you through my crazy day this past tuesday. But first, meet Tyler. He is a bulldog who lives in a comic shop called Comicaze, in Somerville’s Davis Square. I became well acquainted with him when I went to shoot some portraits of the shop owner. He – Tyler, that is – found himself a cozy spot under and around my tripod, as you see in the photograph. What a cute, lazy dog he was. After classes and the portrait shoot, back downtown to attend the Boston Bike Update at the BPL for another project of mine. What this meant was that I carried one camera, three lenses, three flashes, tripod, and all my regular doodads for 9 hours straight. My shoulders are still hating me.