Vegetarians, BEWARE! COCHON 555 2012 makes a stop at the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Boylston – Pork belly, bacon, cheese, wine, you name it… anything that might make you feel guilty, it’s there! And in enormous quantities. C’mon, pig out!

It’s not the battle of the fittest… maybe the battle of the fattest? 5 chefs, 5 pigs, 5 wineries duke it out in this friendly contest, which is now in it’s fourth year (I think) and will travel to 10 cities in the United States (every time, 5 different chefs, pigs and wineries). It’s all about local, and it’s quite an affair. Let’s just say, most people were very merry by the end of it.

Yes… that’s right. Bacon centrepieces.


The chefs from Hungry Mother (in Cambridge) made these cute little cafeteria-lunch inspired tray… 10/10 for creativity!


Butcher Rick Lemay from Lemay & Sons Beef spared no part of the hog…

Boston’s chef extraordinaire Barbara Lynch – and all her restaurants below… bet she never goes hungry!


The Coppa / Toro table – Jamie Bissonnette, the chef (but not pictured here) won the event.


The “Perfect Manhattan”, in adorable jars with COCHON555 cloth, and below, cheeses from Formaggio Kitchen, and chocolate made with pork (why not?!)


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