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This was such a beautiful production – and I’m not someone who’s usually that excited about poetry – but this was really, really great. The performance celebrated Harvard-affiliated poets (many of which actually went to Harvard, most of them long-gone) and I’m assuming had something to do with National Poetry Month. The group of students recited bits and pieces of poems one after the other, and I was so glad to hear “not even the rain has such small hands” from E. E. Cummings’ “Somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond”.

Sights of Harvard – before heading out to film a poetry rehearsal at Harvard’s Agassiz Theater, had a little time on my hands (and was also procrastinating some graphic design work that needed to be done), decided to make a little series of sights and signs that caught my eye close to Harvard Square.

Things are getting a little nuts around here, what with the end of the semester – meaning the end of my very last Masters classes… time really does fly by. Here’s a little sample of what my week looked liked, wonderful Boston spring weather for the most part. We went to Myers + Chang for my birthday, which was really lovely and it’s sad to think that I only got around to trying it in my last month here…

Welcome to Fenway Pahhhhk :) I finally got the chance to go into the legendary ballpark, but sadly not because I had tickets to a Red Sox game. To celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Fenway Park, they had it completely open to the public all day on Thursday. And let me say I was delightfully surprised – the vintage feel is absolutely amazing and everything from the concessions to the old green seats and the silver-haired men manning the turnstiles are reminiscent of times past. Loved it!

This happened yesterday and is by far the quirkiest thing I’ve seen in Boston. For the opening of the Revere Hotel, they organized a “vertical fashion show” which was, well, vertical – and sent models down the side of the 24-floor (I think) building. Why, one would ask? Because horizontal fashion shows are so pass√©.

Other than what might have been a pinched nerve and a few fainting episodes, my long-weekend back home was refreshing. Shot a great event, got stuck in the middle of the student strike, caught up with friends and got my dose of cool – sorry Boston – but Montreal really is kind of hipster paradise… But it hit me that this was going to be the last time I returned to Boston – as a student at least. Bittersweet.

Today is the 116th Boston Marathon, and it is hot, hot, hot outside! Don’t know how the runners do it. What an accomplishment. Those fluorescent sneakers must help ;) Pictured below is Dutch long-distance runner Michel Butter, who finished 7th with a time of 2:16:38

The world is your oyster… But what happens if you hate oysters? (as I do) The North End’s Neptune Oyster display looks nice, but you won’t be seeing me there anytime soon. By the way if you ever wondered where that saying came from, it’s from Shakespeare.