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A trip to London … mm I wish … but maybe the closest I will get to that in Montreal. Brit & Chips with friends before the Jazz Fest (yum!)

Mile End, I love you and your quirky awesomeness ///

Le lancement de Porchetta Box x Muvbox dans le vieux! Super design de Guillaume Noiseux et Guillaume Sasseville – Au menu, sandwich à la porchetta, sandwich à la saucisse italienne, rapinis et pommes de terre. Le verdict? Magnifique! Pour moi – une semaine pas mal occupée, mais je ne me plains pas! :)

Le Plateau – Le Couteau, balade sur l’avenue Mont-Royal, Toi Moi et Café / More moving, more wandering, and more picture-taking

Un petit avant-goût de l’été à Montréal / Been running around the city a lot more than usual, freelancing for Airbnb and moving into a new place. Since I’ve been strapped to my camera for about five days now, I have enough photos to keep me busy for a while… so this post will be part ONE of many posts about a Montreal summer – and the great places to go during our city’s best season.

HUGO BOSS a célèbré Le Grand Prix du Canada avec le pilote de la Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Jenson Button Jeudi au Quai King Edward, dans le Vieux-Montreal – To kick off the Grand Prix du Canada, HUGO BOSS hosted a party in Jenson Button’s honour, Formula One driver for McLaren-Mercedes, in Montreal’s Old Port. Button arrived at (or I should say, drove into) the fete in a McLaren MP12-4C. The event was a blast, and marks the last event organized by one of my nearest and dearest ;)

A Sunday Morning on St-Laurent / Un Dimanche Matin sur St-Laurent – A friendly brunch at Pastaga was a huge success, none of us had ever been there and I think we can all recommend it tremendously! We went early (right when it opened, at 10) – the brunch menu, which is only served on Sundays, is updated every week so that if you were to go back your dish would not be exactly the same as it was the last time. Disclaimer: this post may cause extreme hunger and general heightened appetite

Short hiatus, my camera decided that it did not want to be of this world anymore… so with a much lighter wallet I spent some time in the Old Port, which ultimately meant that I would take a virtual trip to Paris. Much of the area has been converted into a movie set over the past few days, so if you want a Parisian séjour without spending the cash, head to the Vieux – petite note: ne soyez pas aussi épaisse que moi, la petite confiserie mignonne C’est Si Bon… ben c’est pas pour de vrai…