Mile End, I love you and your quirky awesomeness ///

Ultra props to the Waverly for their adorable/clever gardening ideas!


The Drogheria Fine on Fairmount constitutes wall-to-wall displays of their “nonna’s” tomato sauce, and I am told, also Olive Oil. I have yet to buy a jar of either, but it is definitely on my to-do list. Discovered this place a while ago on one my (many) midnight walks to buy bagels on Fairmount.


Café Sardine. I’ve never been a huge fan of donuts – don’t get me wrong, I like Tim Hortons almost as much as the next Canadian girl – but the beignes at Café Sardine are out-of-this-world delicious. Luckily, they are the old-fashioned, almost weightless kind (not that I’m validating my eating them or anything… maybe) and apparently the variety changes on a daily basis. I had the chocolate cinnamon. You should have the chocolate cinnamon. It was so. good. And with an iced latte, total comes to 5$. Not bad. I’m definitely sold. And it’s also a nice walking distance from my place (read, not too far, but far enough to burn off a little of those donut calories).



Some wandering down the Main (for non-Montrealers, boulevard Saint-Laurent). Funny story – when I was a kid I once saw someone throw up in the middle of the day on bd St-Laurent, which apparently scarred me for a while as I, until some years ago, would hardly ever venture that way because the street gave me an icky feeling. Oh what foolishness…



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