Something old, something new, and something I didn’t get to try (even after two attempts at it)


Fuchsia Épicerie Fleur – Been wanting to try this place ever since I walked by it about 2 years ago… and I still have yet to fulfill this mission. Went by a few weeks ago, the place was on vacation. Went again this week, but didn’t have cash and their interac minimum meant I couldn’t get those rose-hip cookies that were enticingly displayed in glass jars. But I will prevail and get beyond oogling the food! So can’t give my comments yet, other than the fact that this place is cuuuuuuuuute (also makes you feel all cozy inside, what with it’s grandmothery decor – in a good way!)


SoupeSoup… old-faithful… perfect for a lunch during a busy work day. Although I still stand by my opinion that this place is slightly overpriced for the portions. Don’t come here if you’re starving. Come here if you want a good soup, salad, or sandwich.



Entirely new place for me: Le Vieux Vélo – not going to lie, was mostly attracted by the name. If you were to judge a book by it’s cover – or in this case, the restaurant by its (awesome) name – you would be completely right about Le Vieux Vélo. It is awesome. Why you may ask? 3 words. Brie. Avocado. Bacon. That’s right, their signature B.A.B. Eggs Benedict is constructed with these scrumptious ingredients. But you might need a vieux vélo after that meal… or a new vélo




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