Summer’s last strolls & picnics.

My apologies, dear amigos, for the long time it has been since my last post! Who knew that wisdom teeth extraction would be so painful! Luckily the worst is behind me and i can start shooting again :) And I know some of you are probably shoving your fingers in your ears and chanting lalalalalalalalala when I tell you this, but yes, it is a fact, summer is coming to a close. Summer in Montreal really is wonderful – so here are some ways to enjoy the last bits of it…

A stroll through the Village…


A picnic in Parc Lafontaine…


A pause-café somewhere (this is Le Lapin Pressé on Laurier Est)…



One thought on “Summer’s last strolls & picnics.

  1. Grand photos! Thanks. had four impacted wisdoms out a few years ago after putting it off for eons – have to admit it was painless. The wonders of sedation I guess. Cheers

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