Dinette Triple Crown : triple YES for Southern comfort in little Italy

Y’all need to do yourselves a favour and get your hineys to this quaint little (ahem, tiny) Southern lunch/dinner spot recently opened in Little Italy. Dinette Triple Crown will dazzle you in more ways than one – super friendly staff, amazing beverages (the lemonade is to die for), great food, cute & nostalgic decor, and best of all: THEY PACK YOU A PICNIC! And not some shabby old picnic – the works! You get a wicker basket, blanket, tablecloth, real utensils and plates, and as many sauces as your little heart desires (the spicy mango sauce is out of this world)! And no, it’s doesn’t cost anything extra, all you have to do is bring back your picnicking materials when you’re done. The kicker: Parc de la Petite Italie is right in front, so you only have to take about 15 steps to get to some beautiful greenery where you can enjoy your grub.

What we had: Lemonades (which was perfectly tangy & sweet), a pulled pork sandwich, fried chicken, braised green veggies, some ‘slaw (the creamy kind, yum!), and a sweet potato. The bill: 28$ – what’s more to say? We will be back. We hear the milkshakes are awesome too (they certainly bring all the boys to the yard…hah)

I’ve also heard that they have taken over the neighbouring free space – perhaps as a new extension to the resto? As it stands now, Dinette is comprised of some counterspace and maybe half a dozen highchairs – which is fine for summer/fall thanks to their genius picnic idea, but maybe not so ideal during our infamously rough Montreal winters. I guess this all remains to be seen!







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