Off to Chicago to see my dear Dori! Chicago day one –

Day one of a short weekend trip to Chicago – this tour has been curated by my friend Dori, who has adopted the city as her new home. I think it suits her, although I wouldn’t mind having her back in Montreal ;) We kicked-off our day of exploring with a brunch at Crosby’s Kitchen, which has just recently opened and was an item off Dori’s bucket list (we ticked many items off that list in 2 days!). You can always tell it’s going to be a great omelette when they aren’t skimpy on the veggies!



Then on the subway we went (or the “L”) to get downtown – first stop, Millennium Park




Then, to Intelligentsia Coffee, which seems to be very well-known amongst Chicagoans:



We then came across Magnolia Bakery (yes, there’s one outside of NYC!) – and of course we stopped in, it was also their one-year birthday so it would have been rude of us not to ;)





Along the river we went and gazed up at some really beautiful architecture (below, you see the Corncob towers and Trump tower) and down Michigan avenue…



One of my faves, the Chicago Theater sign which dates back to the ’20s:

Seeing as I have too many photos, this is going to be set one of two or three – more Chicago to come!

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