Chicago part II


Wicker park Farmers Market


Glazed and Infused doughnuts in Wicker Park – they were so good they made us to miss our brunch reservation! We split the vanilla bean and chocolate chip cookie varieties (yes, you can have a chocolate chip cookie doughnut…) Lucky for us we did a lot of walking between the eating.



People line up for their morning doughnut fix:




The gigantic portions at the Bongo Room – and us feeling guilty for having gone to Glazed and Infused beforehand… you live, you learn!



A few hours prior to my leaving for the airport, Dori brought me to this place called Heritage in Lincoln Park. She really left the best for last, which might have been a good thing as I might have decided to stay there forever had I not had a plane to catch. Heritage is a coffee shop – but is also a custom bike shop. Who knew someone in Chicago would combine two of my most favourite things under one roof? The bicycles are beautiful – almost as beautiful as the whole idea of this place (as well as the place itself).





Iced coffee for me, iced tea for you:


And that’s that for Chicago! Farewell, and see you again soon hopefully!

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