Mes choix cafés MTL – where to eat and have your daily dose of caffeine in Montreal

Not too long ago, I wrote an article in La Presse+ about my fave coffee spots that serve food in Montreal. Yes, I was commissioned to write a where-does-Sarah-like-to-stuff-her-face-and-fuel-her-coffee-addiction type of list. Unfortunately, some of you don’t read french (understandable), have an iPad (ok fine), nor live in Montreal (gasp!)

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 7.55.37 AM

But fret not, as I have decided to post the photos and my suggestions, along with the neighbourhood in which each is situated, right below! So here goes:

Patisserie Rhubarbe – Plateau

I’ve posted about this wonderful place before, but this is one of my absolute favourites for brunch so here it is again. I love everything about this place, from the adorable pale pink light fixtures to the big lit-up R near the windows.



rhubarbe.jpg  patisseries6.jpg


Cafe Bloom – Pointe Saint-Charles

Cafe Bloom is like a little haven for tired souls, with the lovely blue tints and comfy chaises. I love the whole concept of the open kitchen in the back, you can see everything that goes on back there from your table. Out of all my picks, this place is definitely where you’ll get the most for your money! And it will be so delicious and fresh! My favourite order is the beet and goat cheese tartine, pictured below (if it was socially acceptable, I’d probably eat that every day).



cafe_bloom_smb_19.jpg  cafe_bloom_smb_22.jpg

cafe_bloom_smb_12.jpg  cafe_bloom_smb_6.jpg

Kitsune Espresso Bar – Plateau

The new guy in town – just off St-Laurent on Prince Arthur, definitely a nice addition! The decor is a real success, I’m jealous of the huge map on the wall. Very good coffee, bitter enough, just the way I like it. I’m cheating a bit on this one because they only serve breads and pastries though. When I went by they sourced their edible goods from Boulangerie Guillaume in the Mile-End (which I love!) but they mentioned that they might be switching to Saint-Henri’s Sweet Lee’s.

cafe kitsune_9.jpg

cafe kitsune_3.jpg

cafe kitsune_7.jpg  cafe kitsune_8.jpg

cafe kitsune_6.jpg  cafe kitsune_4.jpg

Arts Cafe – Mile-End

I used to be able to walk to this place in 5 minutes, but sadly no longer. The coffee here is amazing and quite large, perfect for students or for those wanting to sit around with a book. Also pretty remarkable food, especially the brunch on weekends (although they have an extensive weekday breakfast menu as well).


mtl_gourmand_arts_cafe_34.jpg  mtl_gourmand_arts_cafe_18.jpg

29 mars, 2013: Soupe patate douce et croustille au cheddar - arts cafe


mtl_gourmand_arts_cafe_12.jpg  mtl_gourmand_arts_cafe_23.jpg

Brooklyn Café Showroom – Mile-End bordering Rosemont

This neat little place is both a café and a home deco showroom – fun concept! The food here is really fresh, I love the crispy veggies in the egg salad sandwich. BUT I must say that the coffee, although good, does not stand up to the other places on this list.



brooklyn5.jpg  brooklyn7.jpg

Mariani – Saint-Henri

Mariani… not much to say other than I love love love this place and I always find myself going back here. Amazing coffee, amazing food, laid-back atmosphere… it’s just the perfect place to have brunch.

Le Mariani et le Cafe Campanelli, Saint-Henri - pour Montreal Gourmand

Le Mariani et le Cafe Campanelli, Saint-Henri - pour Montreal Gourmand  Le Mariani et le Cafe Campanelli, Saint-Henri - pour Montreal Gourmand


mariani2.jpg  Le Mariani et le Cafe Campanelli, Saint-Henri - pour Montreal Gourmand


Café Vito – Villeray

Here is your authentic Italian corner coffee shop. Really friendly staff, and everyone seems to know each other. Excellent espresso and lattes, and the paninis are definitely worth it! I go for the brie and artichoke variety. A latte and panini won’t cost you more than about 9$

Cafe vito_11.jpg

Cafe vito_6.jpg  Cafe vito_4.jpg

Cafe vito_8.jpg  Cafe vito_7.jpg

De Farine et d’Eau Fraîche – Ville-Marie


February 2013 - De Farine et d'eau fraiche et Pastaga  patisseries3.jpg


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