Who am I, you may wonder?


So I have found my way back home, and I’ve decided to write my thesis from here while working as a freelance photographer and multimedia producer based out of Montreal. As always, your comments, good or bad, are the most welcome and I hope you like the “second instalment” of my photo-blog project! I try to post original content about twice a week, so keep checking back for more.

Want to hire me? I promise I’m really great to work with :) Check out my PORTFOLIO website for all contact infos and such.




BACK THEN, it started as:

Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m a grad student at Boston University’s College of Communication, studying my passion of photojournalism and hoping to receive a M.S. along the way. I moved to Boston in September 2011 from my hometown of Montreal. And no it doesn’t mean I’ll start rooting for the Bruins.

This photo-blog will map my work and progress while studying at BU. If you’d like to see my previous project, Project25x7, it mostly follows along the same lines as this one, but in Copenhagen (I’m starting to wonder how many “second homes” I’m going to have by the end of all my studies…)

I had boat loads of fun with Project25x7 and thought that starting another one would be even better! Please leave comments, suggestions, anything (okay, maybe not spam, but almost anything)


All photographs are copyrighted Sarah Mongeau-Birkett.

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