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Un petit avant-goût de l’été à Montréal / Been running around the city a lot more than usual, freelancing for Airbnb and moving into a new place. Since I’ve been strapped to my camera for about five days now, I have enough photos to keep me busy for a while… so this post will be part ONE of many posts about a Montreal summer – and the great places to go during our city’s best season.

Short hiatus, my camera decided that it did not want to be of this world anymore… so with a much lighter wallet I spent some time in the Old Port, which ultimately meant that I would take a virtual trip to Paris. Much of the area has been converted into a movie set over the past few days, so if you want a Parisian séjour without spending the cash, head to the Vieux – petite note: ne soyez pas aussi épaisse que moi, la petite confiserie mignonne C’est Si Bon… ben c’est pas pour de vrai…

a r t u r b a i n – here’s to my first week back in Montreal, sometimes when you’re away for a while, you forget how amazing and lively your home city really is, and then kind of walk around in amazement… it’s a good feeling.

Such gorgeous weather, couldn’t ask for more in my last two days in of my Boston life!

Some hours and a bunch of mini heart attacks later, I got myself a nice time-lapse video of the sunset in Harvard Square. Here is a few of the 1400 shots that were taken that night to compose the video by my camera, on a tripod, leaning against the 10th floor balcony ledge of the Holyoke Centre. Both my camera, and I, made it out alive.

Sights of Harvard – before heading out to film a poetry rehearsal at Harvard’s Agassiz Theater, had a little time on my hands (and was also procrastinating some graphic design work that needed to be done), decided to make a little series of sights and signs that caught my eye close to Harvard Square.

Welcome to Fenway Pahhhhk :) I finally got the chance to go into the legendary ballpark, but sadly not because I had tickets to a Red Sox game. To celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Fenway Park, they had it completely open to the public all day on Thursday. And let me say I was delightfully surprised – the vintage feel is absolutely amazing and everything from the concessions to the old green seats and the silver-haired men manning the turnstiles are reminiscent of times past. Loved it!

Happy St-Patrick’s Day! Sorry bout the short hiatus, was back in Montreal with the sole goal of sleeping. And it of course passed way too fast… back to work for now! Would have been nice to see the parade, but my flight got in too late. Went to the Boston Public Library instead, since the weather was out of this world. I love the courtyard so much.

Ever wondered what your city would look like in tiny? Then here is what thousands of dollars will get you: a tilt-shift lens! it’s definitely fun to shoot with but maybe a bit gimmicky, and definitely not sure whether I’d be willing to shell out that much cash (actually, pretty sure I wouldn’t). Most of these were taken from the 50th floor of the Prudential Center in the Back Bay. Let me know what you think! More to come!

Where’s the snow you might ask? Welcome to a Boston winter. Rowes Wharf, Bay Village, and Beacon Hill.