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Trilogie et Café Saint-Henri

Série 1 de 2 – Le Passeport Indie Coffee | Batch One of two – My Indie Coffee Passport caffeine experiment

Dispatch coffee, and a bit more St-Henri love :)

The changing face of a Montreal neighbourhood – on aime Le Sud-Ouest: St-Henri | Griffintown | Pointe-Saint-Charles

Patisserie Rhubarbe – j’aime! Sadly we were there 20 minutes before close, but we will be back! Vingt minutes avant la fermeture, mais on y reviendra très bientôt!

Mile End, I love you and your quirky awesomeness ///

Other than what might have been a pinched nerve and a few fainting episodes, my long-weekend back home was refreshing. Shot a great event, got stuck in the middle of the student strike, caught up with friends and got my dose of cool – sorry Boston – but Montreal really is kind of hipster paradise… But it hit me that this was going to be the last time I returned to Boston – as a student at least. Bittersweet.

From last week, after the shoot for LeveLup, went across to Voltage Coffee & Art to decompress a bit and treat myself to a well-deserved coffee. It’s right off Kendall Sq. in Cambridge, and is really nice. Funny coincidence, they were setting up for a one-night photojournalism exhibit, which I would have really loved to attend (google NURU Project) if it wasn’t for my mountain of work to be done.